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Buy Vape Mods Online and Starter Kits

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Looking for your a new vaping devices? We know buying vape mods  and starter kits online has never been easier. Vapori Vape mods for sale collection is an extensive catalog of the best vaping mods for low cheap prices. Our Vape Shop carries all of the latest beginner to advanced vape mods from the finest manufacturers including GeekVape Mods, Vandy Vape, SMOK Mods, and more. So look through all our vape device and starter kits selection of mods and choose the right one for your vaping.

Which vape mod is right for me?

Variety is one of the signature benefits of a true vaper. With virtually limitless combinations of eliquid flavors and vape devices, finding the perfect setup is just a few clicks away. But with all these vape products, where do you start from?

When choosing between vape mods, it’s important to understand the differences in style and function. Every vaper has their own unique set of needs, whether it be extended battery life, portability, or ease of use. Check out the breakdown below to learn a bit more about the benefits of each device type.

Box Mods

Designed with power and customization in mind, box mods give you full control of your vaping experience. Adjustable wattage and temperature control give you flexibility in power, temperature, and vapor production. Well known for their battery life, most box mods accommodate at least two 18650 batteries, and provide easy access to swap in fresh ones on the go.

Box mod vapes have chipsets that allow for even more personalization. Many devices offer options to change screen color, lighting, puff count limits, how hard or soft the pull is, and even voice control or built in Bluetooth speakers. Some newer mods on the market bring waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof technologies, making them great options for the job site or hike.

Vape tanks, RTAs, and RDAs can be swapped via the 510 connection, allowing for even more customization. With all of the options available to dial in your vape, box mods provide all the tools necessary to create a vaping experience to match your personality and style.

Vape Starter Kits Online

Perfect for beginners and long time vapers alike, vape starter kits provide everything you need, all in one convenient kit. Most starter kits include a box or tube style mod, vape tank, spare parts, coils, and a charging cable. Just add batteries and you’re ready to go.

AIO Vapes and Ultra Portables

Similar to starter kits, AIO (All-In-One) vapes give you everything you need to get started right away. By far the easiest to use of all vape mods, AIOs are operated by a single button, or simply taking a draw from the mouthpiece. Most AIO vapes have internal batteries and a charging port, so there is no need to carry batteries. Just plug in to charge, fill the pod or tank, and you’re ready to vape.

Ultra-compact designs and lower vapor production make these the most portable and discreet options on the market today. An AIO vape kit is the ideal choice if you’re transitioning from smoking or if you’re always on the go.

Check out our full selection of box mods, vape starter kits, and AIO vapes above.

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