Blinkers 2 Gram disposable Superglue (Hybrid)


2G Premium Disposable Vape Device

THC Distillate & Terpenes





Flavor: Expect an equally strong aroma and flavor with Blinkers Superglue. Flavors of wood and pine are the first to overtake the senses; that’s promptly followed by an exceptionally fine taste of caramel. The powerful aroma of Superglue helps enhance the equally potent taste that comes with this Hybrid. The loud taste and aroma of Blinkers Superglue is an unexpected treat that doesn’t ever let up for the entirety of individuals’ experience with it.


Mood: Prepare for an amazingly productive and peaceful experience as soon as Superglue is in the picture. Blinkers Hybrid takes the well known relaxation effects of an Indica and combines it with the energizing effects of Sativa, expertly producing a sort of euphoric balance between the two. In addition to the longevity in individuals productivity, long bouts of happiness and ease have also been felt. Choosing to start the day with Blinkers Hybrid Superglue is the greatest thing users can do for themselves.